Gerard Koster Joenje


I am a photographer with strong interest in both Amsterdam streetphotograhy and pure photography of my beloved island Vlieland.


This site contains two projects

1. Amsterdam city shots 2018- ongoing:

Raw and authentic photos from the streets of Amsterdam.

Unannounced shots and therefore 100% authentic and non-staged.

Enjoy and experience the Amsterdam street vibe!


' The best shots are unannounced snap shots'


2. Vlieland 2020 - ongoing:

Vlieland, a very small island in the northern part of Holland is my paradise.

It is almost impossible to make bad photo's over there. 


Also started a YouTube channel with Vlieland Video's  in 4K.

Vlieland Silent TV is non comment TV without flashing and ever changing images but just a couple of scenes with natural surrounding sound.