NIEUWSFLITS!!!!!  Dinsdag 28 maart 2023


De Klapmuts met Jong op Vlieland:


en ik heb UNIEKE beelden.

 Bekijk ze op Youtube :n Vlieland TV

Het is NOOIT eerder gefilmd op ons deel van Europa.

Kijk ook in de navigatiebalk van deze site voor het tabje met foto's van de Klapmuts Vlieland. 




Gerard Koster Joenje


I am a photographer with strong interest in both Amsterdam streetphotograhy and pure photography of my beloved island Vlieland.


This site contains two projects

1. Amsterdam city shots 2018- ongoing:

Raw and authentic photos from the streets of Amsterdam.

Unannounced shots and therefore 100% authentic and non-staged.

Enjoy and experience the Amsterdam street vibe!


' The best shots are unannounced snap shots'


2. Vlieland 2020 - ongoing:

Vlieland, a very small island in the northern part of Holland is my paradise.

It is almost impossible to make bad photo's over there. 


Also started a YouTube channel with Vlieland Video's  in 4K.

Vlieland Silent TV is non comment TV without flashing and ever changing images but just a couple of scenes with natural surrounding sound.